How To Identify the Quality of Aacrylic Sheets?

A, Observation method.

The easiest way to identify whether the acrylic sheet is good or bad is to see if the surface has problems such as fading or low gloss, and you can tell from these aspects. You can also see whether the instructions of the acrylic board are consistent with the actual material, so as to judge whether it is a regular material.

B, Combustion method.

A small amount of acrylic board can be used for burning. If the acrylic board burns quickly, it means that the quality of the acrylic board is unqualified.

C, Light transmission method.

What we call the light transmission method is to use the light transmittance of the acrylic plate to judge whether it is good or bad, and then illuminate it with a white light. Generally, high-quality acrylic sheets have high light transmittance and appear white after passing through. If there is a color difference such as yellow or blue, it means that the quality of the acrylic sheet is not good.

D, Paste method.

When two acrylic sheets are sintered together, the acrylic with poor quality is generally difficult to separate after hot melting, while the acrylic with good quality is easy to separate, so through this small experiment, the quality of the acrylic sheet can be judged.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Sheets


  1. Acrylic countertops have bright colors in visual effects, with the texture of natural stone and the luster of ceramics. It is not only practical to make acrylic cabinets, but also has excellent decorative effects.

Second, the texture of acrylic countertops is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, pressure, penetration, impact resistance, strong plasticity, simple cleaning and maintenance, and easy daily maintenance.

  1. Acrylic countertops can achieve seamless splicing and changeable shapes. Even if there is a problem, it can be repaired very strongly, and even if there is a problem, it is easy to correct.

Defect :

In the case of strong friction with rough objects, the hardness of acrylic countertops is not as strong as that of quartz stone.

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